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TRAVEL INFORMATION AND SITE MAP: Ebern is located in Bavaria close to the city of Bamberg. Germany has a comprehensive net of “Autobahnen” which make travelling by car easy. Use Google Maps to calculate the route to your hotel The following image shows the way from the “Autobahn” to Ebern via  B279. When you travel by plane and then with a rental car the following airports can be recommended: Airport Distance to Ebern Approx. driving time Recommended “Autobahn” Cologne 398 km 4 hours A3 Dresden 301 km 3 hours A72 Frankfurt 230 km 2.5 hours A3 Hannover 419 km 4.5 hours A7 Munich 242 hm 2,5 hours A9, A73 Nuremberg 082 km 1 hour A73 Cou may also travel by train to Ebern. In all cases you have to go via Bamberg. For Google Maps the geographical coordinates are 50°04’51.57” N, 10°44’21.62” E. The following map will give you an overview. Click on an airport to see the route to Ebern. FROM EBERN TO BDS RANGE:
The BDS range map gives further details: