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IMPORTANT:   Foreign   shooters   who   do   not   possess   an   European   Firearms   Passport   (EFP)   must   apply   for   a import   licence.   We   will   take   care   for   that   if   the   following   information   is   sent   in   the   Online   form   or   exceptionally via   email   to   D.Kuschick@t-online.de:   name,   first   name,   address,   date   and   place   of   birth,   passport   number,   date and   office      of   issue,   rifle   make,   model,      caliber   and   serial   number(s)   2   month   in   advance   at   the   latest.   A   permission may   include   up   to   6   rifles   and   costs   a   fee   of   about   25   €.   We   will   pay   that   (you   have   to   refund   it   at   the   reception desk   after   arrival)   and   send   you   the   permission   via   mail   or   in   time   difficulties   via   email.   This   procedure   may   last up   to   4   weeks   and   you   have   to   take   care   to   provide   us   2   months   before   the   competition   with   your   data.   For   reasons of   effectivity   you   should   “bundle”   the   rifles   in   your   country   in   one   permission   and   inform   us   to   whom   this   should be sent. Together with the permission you need a printout of the first 2 pages of this announcement. Please complete the form on a PC. Mobile devices are not supported.