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IMPORTANT:   Foreign   shooters   who   do   not   have   a   European   Firearms   Pass   (EFP)   must   apply   for   an   import license.   We   will   ensure   that   the   following   information   is   sent   by   e-mail   to   D.Kuschick@t-online.de   in   the   online form   or   by   name:   first   name,   first   name,   address,   date   and   place   of   birth,   passport   number,   date   and   place   Rifle, stamp   ,   Model,   caliber   and   serial   number   (s)   no   later   than   2   months   in   advance.   A   permit   can   contain   up   to   6   rifles and   costs   a   fee   of   75,   -   €   including   the   first   weapon.   Each   more   expensive   weapon   costs   15,   -   €.   The   fee   must   be paid   together   with   the   start   fee.   We   will   send   you   the   permit   by   airmail.   in   case   of   time   difficulties   by   e-mail.   This process   can   take   up   to   4   weeks   and   you   must   provide   us   with   your   data   two   months   before   the   competition.   For reasons   of   effectiveness,   you   should   "bundle"   the   rifles   in   your   country   in   a   permit   and   tell   us   to   whom   it   should be sent. Along with the permission, you will need a printout of the first 2 pages of this announcement. Please complete the form on a PC. Mobile devices are not supported.